Peter Vinci

Finance and Mortgage Broker, an accredited member of MFAA.

A professional financial and retail strategist, having worked with a number of organizations developing business-building strategies and maximising bottom line profits. A track record of success increasing sales penetrations rates within various finance and retail sectors maximising staff performance with the ultimate result of positively impacting on cash flow and the ‘bottom-line’. A wealth of knowledge and expertise gained from over 28 years experience in retail sales and senior management across various industries including

• Finance and Insurance – Mortgage Restructuring Specialist
• General Retail – Sales & Marketing – Financial Services
• Automotive – Sales & Marketing – Finance – Training & Development
• Real Estate – Sales & Marketing
• Hospitality – Café / Restaurants, Owner Operator

Proven strengths adding value to any business through

• Comprehensive business analysis
• Effective profit-building strategies
• Business development
• Fostering positive client relationships at all levels
• Training and developing high-performance managers and sales teams

Mortgage restructuring specialist
Developing leading sales teams
Planning strategic operations to increase sales and profits
Provide counsel and leadership to managers in the development of their key personnel
Relationship-Building & Networking
Proven Sales & Marketing History
Effective Training and Development
Expertise in Business Analysis and Profit-Building
Strength in Business Development
Intimate Understanding of SME