Shartru Wealth Management

Shartru Wealth Management is a full-service financial services dealer group established to provide operating freedom to financial advisers through outstanding support and financial services to individuals and families through intelligent advice.

The members of our management team each bear the scars of financial crises and know first-hand the damage that can be done when risk and compliance come second to profit-making.

We understand that building wealth takes time, as does building and sustaining a quality reputation.

That’s why we don’t manage money, we manage futures. It’s also why risk and reputation management will always be our number one priority.

We seek to protect the reputations of our advisers and connect our clients to best of breed providers of financial services. We innovate with purpose, aiming to bring new ideas to market for the sole benefit of our advisers and clients.

Our support services for advisers are provided by financial planning, stockbroking, taxation, property, insurance, and finance specialists who operate together in a team-based environment that is focused on the individual objectives of our advisers and their clients.

Shartru Wealth Management has authorised representatives Australia wide.

14 Macquarie Street, Belmont, NSW 2280
PO Box 565 Belmont NSW 2280