Diabetes and COVID-19 restrictions

How has CV19 affected people living with diabetes?

In this Special Podcast Post, Super Bites Podcast host Lucas Sadler, speaks with DWS Health expert, Dr Roy Rasalam about how has CV19 affected people living with diabetes? Over the three episodes, you will also hear what Dr Roy thinks about Covid-19 cause problems for conditions other than diabetes.

Additionally, the podcast covers:

  • How can people with diabetes look after themselves?
  • When should people with diabetes contact their doctor?
  • How can people with diabetes see their doctor during the CV19 restrictions?
  • Are there ways people can be prepared to avoid problems?
  • Are there certain types of diabetes more at risk for problems due to CV19 restrictions?

Listen now.

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About the author

Dr Roy is a medical practitioner with over 25 years’ experience working in tertiary and primary care. He previously trained and worked in Victoria but currently resides in tropical north Queensland, teaching the next generation of doctors.  He is passionate about education, for health care profes ... more