Kids Safety Online

There have been a number of studies and there is a lot that has been written about how parents should look after their children online

Kids Safety Online

There have been a number of studies and there is a lot that has been written about how parents should look after their children online.  We use the following steps to manage it effectively:

  1. Be Engaged and Communicate. Talk to your children about both the good and bad of being online.  Help them understand how they should use their devices and what is and is not appropriate.  Give them a safe space to be able to say they’ve seen something without automatically being in trouble.  Talk to them about what they’re doing online in the same way you would ask how their day was.  This will help create an open environment where you can monitor and manage what your children are doing without worrying or scaring them.  Communication and openness is key.
  2. Limit Screen Time and Device Locations. Everything should be in balance.  Be clear about when devices can and cannot be used.  For example, we don’t allow them in the bedroom at night-time and they are charged in a separate location where all our devices are charged.  Usage in the bedroom is fine if the door is open.  Think about the appropriate length of time a device can be used before something else should be done.  The less time they spend on devices the less exposed children are, but the fact is technology is part of their life so managing their exposure is the key, not refraining them from learning to use these devices.



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3. Know What’s On The Device. Setup the device/s yourself with all the apps and games they are allowed to use.  Ensure they know they need permission to install additional apps or make purchases.  Depending on the situation you may want to make sure they can’t make purchases.  For younger children utilise closed apps that don’t enable interaction with other people such as ABC iView or the Toca group of apps.  It’s more challenging with older children as there’s many things that can be done inside apps like TiKTok, Whatsapp and Facebook.  The importance of point 1 cannot be overstated here.

4. Parental Control Software. There are plenty of options available to monitor and manage the devices your children to use in order to ensure they are used correctly.  This includes tools like NetNanny, Qustodio, Norton Family and MamaBear.  I don’t promote or recommend any specific product but look at the various options and make a choice appropriate for you if you would like the extra security.

Each family and household will have their own ways of doing things and their own ways of interacting.  Some children will happily accept some rules and instructions, while others will go out of their way to break them.  Kids will be kids!  Therefore, there’s no one way of doing this so don’t try and fit into a specific box.  It’s all about good, open communication, setting appropriate boundaries for your children, reviewing and adapting as they grow and needs change, and just doing your best.

sing these tips will help you manage your children’s online experience.


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