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Websites are now your front door to your business. In order to get traffic to your business, you need an effective website. What is the key information for your business and how should you present your website further about how many pages should you have on your website. We speak with brand and web expert Tony Cowan from Zephyr media.

Creating a website can be the most exciting part of your business venture. You may already have an existing website if you are a small business or even a major corporation. What we have come to learn, is simply having a website does not guarantee your business of success. There are many pitfalls when having a website. 

Tony Cowan is the owner and director of Zephyr media which is a Gold Coast Bay studio delivering new websites branding logos and print media. Tony has over 26 years of experience in the industry. It’s from this experience we get to make some recommendations.

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Most customers expect your business to have a website. It can be tricky to manage content images videos and other fast-moving elements on your website, that possibly distract the customer from your main messaging.

To create a website you need to follow some basic steps.

Step one –  registering your domain name.

The domain name is the location that you share with your clients and customers.  There are a number of different handles such as dot com. dot net. dot info and many more.   Selecting the right domain name for you is the very first step you need to undertake.  Having a domain name that is many words long may be a good reflection of actually what your business is called, but it may not be easy for the customers to find it quickly as they see your ads pop up or you describe it in your promotional materials.

Step 2 –  hosting your domain and website with a hosting company

Thankfully the number of web hosting companies have greatly increased over the years.  this has allowed easy access to web hosting resources and platforms even speed and presentation of your website have improved. these platforms are relatively inexpensive and the better ones do allow you to pay month by month as you go. When you’re just starting off a website bandwidth and size isn’t the key consideration. the game many of the better hosting companies allow you to grow your subscription the size and bandwidth of the traffic as your business and site grow.

Listen to the second Podcast.

 Step 3 – pre-preparing the website information

This is a step that can save you a lot of time with web developers and help you clarify the key messages you would like your brand to share with the worldwide web full stop as we discussed in the podcast attached to this blog, you will note that we discuss the mandatory about us and description of your business. Tony Cowan discusses in the podcast the importance of having a very clear message established upfront when the client reaches your site. I would highly recommend having a few external parties review your information as you are preparing it to help you better define what it problem you are solving or what key feature or call to action you may have on your business. Getting the visitors attention immediately on your website is the key and possibly the continuous key to having a successful and converting website.

Therefore before building your website laying out the pieces of information the potential products and services save a lot of time in your web development journey. a good branding and website development company will ask for this information well ahead of your first client meeting. There are a number of things that web designers can call upon to help you better share your message with the world. helping drive that creative process is the information that you share with them.


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