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One area of smart home technology continues to rapidly evolve is kitchen appliances.

One area of smart home technology continues to rapidly evolve is kitchen appliances.  A lot of new appliances can now be connected via wifi and controlled via an app on your phone.  This is exciting for some and ‘just another thing to figure out to make it cook’ for others.  Whichever side of the fence you’re on, here’s a brief lowdown of what is happening with kitchen appliances at the moment.


Fridges have come a long way and today provide a multitude of functions to help you with managing your home.

LG have released a fridge that allow you to see what’s inside without opening it.  This technology is designed to save power (and therefore money).  It can be controlled through an app on your phone.

LG –

Samsung’s Family Hub allows you to see inside the fridge, and access that view from your phone so you can check while doing the groceries (assuming the fridge is neat and tidy).  It is also compatible with some shopping apps and can tag used by dates and help with creating the shopping list.

The screen can also be used to show photos or function as a noticeboard or calendar.  You don’t need a TV anymore because you screen mirror to the fridge, and it can control or your other smart appliances.

Samsung –

Other companies have similar functionalities and levels of connectivity, but this gives you an example of what’s now possible.


The dishwasher is typically the hardest working appliance in the kitchen being used daily and copping some punishment in the process.  They are becoming ever more water and energy-efficient and a number can now be controlled via an app so you can schedule their start.  A little quirky given you need to stack them and put the tablet in so you could just use the delay function most have.

For those who like gadgets, it’s something else to connect in the house and play with.

home automation system on digital tablet to regulate the temperature.


The oven is having smart technology added to it quickly, similar to the way fridges are advancing.

Hoover has a new over with an HD camera built into it so you can see inside the oven without opening it and of course it connects to an app.

Hoover –

Bosch has a new range of ovens that connect to their Bosch Home Connect app and platform to control some of the oven’s functions.  These apps typically also include recipes, tips and how-to guides to get the most out of the appliance.

Bosch –

Similarly, Siemens has a range of wifi-connected ovens that provide remote control functionality so you can be out and about and still manage the cooking.

Siemens –


Aside from the larger appliances, there are plenty of new toys in smaller appliances as well:

Kohler has a connected, voice-activated tap to help you with all your cooking needs.  Hold the pot under the tap and tell it how much water to pour – less spills all around.

Kohler –

There are a number of connected coffee machines available.  Helpful if you can prep it the night before and have your morning coffee ready and waiting for you when you wake up.  TopBrewer is one example.  It’s the equivalent of a Billi or Zip tap for your coffee and fully connected.

As you can see there’s plenty going on in the kitchen with technology and this will only continue.  Have some fun the next time you’re in the market for a new appliance and see what’s possible.

The watch out in all of this is to make sure you purchase appliances that align with other smart technologies at home.  Don’t buy a fridge that works with Alexa and an oven the works with Google.  Find your ecosystem of choice and stick to it.

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